Aion Alliance Online


Welcome to Aion Online! If you are a computer gamer, here is one game that you will surely love. Aion is a massively multiplayer online roleplaying game or MMORPG for short. It combines a PvP and PvE in a fantasy game environment. Why fantasy? It is because the game features flight, which is the main use in the means of combat.

Aion online features four primary classes or base classes;  the Aion classes are,  namely, the mage, the warrior, the scout, and the priest. And after attaining level 10, there will be two specialized classes associated with the base class.

From mage: sorcerer and spiritmaster. From warrior: gladiator and templar. From scout: assassin and ranger. And from priest: chanter and cleric.

Aion has got great graphics. The player could also customized his or her character. There are a lot of quests and professions to choose from too. Then you get alliances while on the game too. Plus, a game forum for the players. The game forum will let you interact with other players as well out of the game. Some strategies, some frequently asked questions, and many more information that you will get from.

Isn’t that a great reason to play the game? So, get into the game now!

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