Calculus is Difficult!

by ritz ~ October 31st, 2009. Filed under: Cool Ways to Try, Reviews, Services.

During my college life one of my difficult subject is mathematics especially Calculus. This subject drives me crazy. As far as I remember, I spent all night to studying, studying, studying calculus but still not enough. I failed one semester. Studying all by myself was not enough. I needed a tutor to guide and to teach techniques/ways on how to answer problems.

My brother in law was a mathematics professor. He taught me how deal with the crazy problem solving and it was a success. I passed calculus. That was a big relief to me. How about you? Did you have a hard time with Calculus? Need a Calculus tutor? If you are and don’t have any family tutor, I found a site that will help you deal with problems regarding Calculus. This site will be helpful to you especially if you are a k-12 and college student.

This site does not only offer PreCalculus/ Calculus help but also Statistical help. This will be a big help to you students. Visit their site and try their Free calculus help.

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