Ready to be a mom? Uh-oh

by ritz ~ October 12th, 2009. Filed under: Anime, Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice.

Nowadays, a lot of teenage girls get pregnant because “that’s the trend?”. Oops. Yeah, being a teenage mom  today is not a big deal anymore. This has been the trend of the new generation and I don’t know why that’s the trend (do you like it or not? Just voice your opinion). Anyway, even in television there are already many tv programs that show the same scenario [A teenage girl got pregnant. The boy denied the baby, and the girl and the baby live with her family]. Well, is that a good example? I think not. If these drama series continue to be shown in television, young people will do and act the same way.

Being a mom at the right age, right time, right partner is what you and I should do. Do not be tempted by other people. Do not imitate what the television is showing. Do not envy those people who do this and that. Do not act the same way as what the damn movie is doing. Be unique and different. Because in that way, you will have a brighter future and a better family.

You can buy everything you want for your baby unlike those young mother who didn’t finish schooling. How nice it is to buy toys and pushchair for your kids. Buy flowers to decorate your house, digital cameras to keep those memories with your baby. What a nice feeling that you can buy the things you want in life but hey you cannot get it if you will involve in early pregnancy. Just like my sister. ^^ But all I can say about early pregnancies is keep the baby alive… never do abortion.

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