Why did I choose the nursing course?

by ritz ~ October 4th, 2009. Filed under: Journal, Medical.

I was a bit confuse now why I took nursing. I wonder why? Is this the life I wanted to live? Being a nurse? I realized when I took the Private duty nurse training that I don`t like their work. I don`t want to do this and that. I dunno but I don`t feel the job of being a nurse.

Why did God allow me to pass the board? Because I asked for it? God answered my prayer but why I am refusing it now? I am so confuse with my profession. I just hope that someday, somehow I will love this work because this is what I studied for 4 years and I don`t want to start again as a freshman. Hays, life. So confusing or am I the only one who is confuse? Sigh.

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    Everything dynamic and very positively! :)

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