by ritz ~ October 8th, 2009. Filed under: Blogging, Cool Ways to Try.

Wow! I had a great time in setting up a new website. All for free too! Isn’t that great enough? I got a great time selecting what template design I’m gonna choose for my site. You know why? Because they have got more than 300 of unique design templates to choose from. Add to that, that they are offering over 30MB of webspace. Amazing isn’t it?

Well, I was just new there and i kinda like what I experienced. You know, it’s just easy to navigate around it. It is so easy to learn too. Oh, by the way, add that up to those great templates. Plus, there are a lot of extras for free too so that you can build a great website. These includes the own forums, newsletters, a member area, a counter, a guestbook, a survey, a contact form, pinboard, galleries, link lists, gimmicks, password protection and many more!

I would like you to go there now and create a free website for yourself! You’ll never know what you are gonna get. You may be just like me, having a great time! Oh, that image above is the website I created.

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