Surviving Mesothelioma by Paul Kraus

Surviving Mesothelioma is a very inspiring and hopeful book about a patient named Paul Kraus who suffered from a cancer called Mesothelioma.

This book is based on personal experience by Paul Kraus who was diagnosed having cancer on June 1997 and was given little time to live. His family could not believe that he has Mesothelioma.

Because Paul Kraus is a great and fighter man, he did all the possible ways he can do to treat himself and he is here sharing his knowledge about surviving the disease Mesothelioma through his book.

Let me give you a little background about Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma is a rare cancer caused by the mutation of malignant cells found in mesothelium which is a protective sac that covers the internal organ. This mesothelium produces a lubricating fulid to allow moving organsto glide ea easily e.g. expanding and contracting of the lungs.

Mesothelioma cancer like other cancer cells can metastasize to the near by organs or cells thus making them cancerous cells. One of the risk┬á factor of mesothelioma is exposure from asbestos or what we call “mesothelioma asbestos“. Mesothelioma cancer is really dangerous especially when lift untreated, mesothelioma prognosis is very poor if detected late.

Paul Kraus, undergone different therapies to prolong his life from chemotherapy to radiation to surgery and to other alternative therapies. And with this knowledge, Paul Kraus with the help of his doctors created their own regimen to treat his Mesothelioma cancer.

Paul Kraus’ book has all the information a cancer patient needs to have to learn what survival behavior is about.

Find out more @ Paul’s book: Surviving Mesothelioma.

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