The Rebirth of

by ritz ~ November 29th, 2009. Filed under: Blogging. suffered a lot of problems. A couple of weeks was down because it was hacked by unknown hacker. It cost a lot of problem to me. Some of my readers left because it was blocked by google. If you are a constant visitor of mine, you must have seen the warning page saying ” This site contains malware and  visiting this site may harm your computer”. Not only I lost some readers but all my reviews were rejected because the advertiser could not access the page and some complains that my site has virus.  I lost couple of $$$ also. Those were the problems I encountered.

Anyway, from the day was warned by google. I reported it to my hosting service and they respond quickly I tried to fix my website. At first, I thought it was fixed already but I was wrong because it still got a malware. A week after, google warn me again that still contains malware and for the second time it was block. I reported again to my hosting provider… the second time around was reinstalled… deleting all the themes, plugins and etc. but thankful that the contents are still there because if not? I will totally abandon this blog. Well, privatehoster has solved my problem this time. Hoping that no more malware and  warning from google.

So, is back again. Ready to write and hop to your site. ^^ has been reborn! Stay tune!

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