Watch for myself

by ritz ~ November 21st, 2009. Filed under: Journal, holidays.

I really wanted to have a seiko dive watch because my watch right now is totally pathetic. It’s too old and has an old style. I guess its obsolete watch already. Its time for a new watch to wear! Seiko dive watch would be perfect! I love the design of seiko watches and I guess you do too? Well, my dad also love seiko watches that’s why I planned to give him one this Christmas.

Oh, speaking about Christmas! Its coming! I am excited because my birthday is a  day before the Christmas. You better give me a gift? A seiko watch? Nah, just kidding! You can give me whatever you want. I will accept no matter what the cost of it. I am not that choosy, ya know. In fact, I love people who give simple gifts because I know that they give with willingness and with happiness. How about you? Do you give gifts from the bottom of your heart or you just give just like that. You know what I mean. But anyway, it doesn’t matter because the receiver won’t know unless you will tell him, right?

Okay, okay, too much talking! All I wanna say is I want a seiko watch and a laptop this Christmas!

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