Where is fidelity?

by ritz ~ November 30th, 2009. Filed under: Family, People.

Where is  fidelity if one’s partner commit adultery? or should I say fidelity is no longer important in ones relationship?

I have witness unfaithfulness within my family.  From the beginning, when I was just in my mother’s womb, my Dad was unfaithful to my mom until I grew up and become a lady… still my Dad remained unfaithful.  Because of faithfulness, I have witness how a father treat a mother without love… how a father act and say without love to his spouse.

I pity my mother during those times and I was also confused why my mom still stick with my Dad who was so unfaithful. If you are in my mother’s situation? Would you do the same thing? Live in your partner’s house for the sake of your children even though your spouse doesn’t love you anymore? Can you stand on a situation like that? If you asked me, I would never! I don’t want to live in the safe roof to a partner who lost fidelity.  Never will I. How about you?

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  1. ciL

    Maybe your mother still loves your father. You know how love works :) Despite everything that’s wrong, still the love of your mother to all of you prevails. That’s what mothers do. They sacrifice for their love ones especially for her own family. :)

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