2009 BMW M5

by ritz ~ December 2nd, 2009. Filed under: Vehicles.

Every body wants to have a good car. What I mean about ‘good’ car is not just the designed outside but also what is inside the car and composes it.  This bmw M5 2009 is way too fascinating even though other say that 2009 BMW is just the same with other 2009 BMW series. Some says that BMW M5 has a unique front face to distinguish it from other 5  BMW Series. Some changes were identified by Kelly Book. The changes are ”power window switches relocated to the armrests” and the “leather-wrapped center console and passenger door handles.

The performance is also good. The breaks according to Kelly Book feels as if you  are hooked an aircraft carrier arresting cable. In addition, the quality is high and safety is present. Talking about comfort, BMW M5 has it all!  Sitting inside the car is far comfortable than others. Although changes are not that noticeable, 2009 BMW M5 is not totally the same with other series.

If you are curious what’s inside on the BMW M5, here’s some pictures provided by

Here are more pictures of  BMW M5: rated 2009 BMW 8.5/10.  The style, performance, quality, safety, features are acceptable and approved. Take time and know more about bmw!


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