Access Remote PC

by ritz ~ December 3rd, 2009. Filed under: Technology, computers and internet.

Businesses nowadays are very dependent in computer assistance. When it comes to acquiring data, storing, predicting and even calculating are now being done with the help of computers. That’s why it needs to be managed and protected to prevent it from  infection and damage. Proxy Network’s product Proxy Pro is a great solution for your business. It enables you to manage and access remote computers via the internet. It can also help you in troubleshooting, collecting data and even collaborating with a team from different places. Whenever one PC is in trouble, it can be easily mended with the help of a PC Remote Access. In that way, no important data will be lost.

Proxy Pro allows full access of remote PCs without firewall restrictions, which means you are in full control including rebooting, shutting down, cancelling proccess and changing registry. This is indeed a perfect help for businesses in terms of functionality, management and security. Help desk technicians, network administrators and IT managers will be able to enjoy in remote collaboration and work easily with the help of Proxy Pro.

This is very useful for enterprises with distributed domains , for help desks that supports  users on the road and at home, to IT managers looking for cost-effective training and collaboration and so much more.

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