Hello! Grandfather's Clock

by ritz on December 4, 2009

Wow!  What an amazing clock this is. So huge and unique. The design looks like the clock was made from centuries ago.

This clock is called the  grandfather clock and it seems the clock offer a piece of history. Actually, the first time I saw this clock, I thought of the Harry Potter Movie and Tomb Raider. If you have watch Tomb Raider, this kind of clock has of clue to her mission. This has something connected with the past although this is not from the past but the design itself will look as if the clock is antique.

If ever if I would own one of Grandfather’s Clock, I would definitely put it somewhere in the living room so everybody can see how beautiful a Grand father’s clock is and they can also see how perfectly the clock was made. I bet you would be amazed too if you see one.

FYI. This grandfather’s clock has its own song  written by Henry Work Clay in 1876 entitled “My Grandfather’s Clock” also known as “The Grandfather Clocks Song” which became famous in USA and this song maybe familiar to some.

Grandfather’s Clock comes with different brand. Example of brands are Howard Miller Grandfather Clocks, Hermle Grandfather Clocks, Kieninger Premium Grandfather Clocks and more. But one thing that makes them similar is they look amazing!

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