by ritz ~ December 10th, 2009. Filed under: Musics. is a revolutionary online music community where music lovers, artists, and emerging artistsĀ  come together to share the very best of music. Ourstage enable people to listen music from over 100,000 artists and judge the best songs of your choice. By this way, rankings will be created and organized on the music and will be shown from over 40 channels… You can also share new music you like from friends by using their customized playlists, chat with artists as they play exclusive song, make a personalized radio station that only plays songs that you like. And the best part is, you can take the entire OurStage experience using your iPhone. Connect and compete on your profile by adding personalized stuffs, badges, points and VIP experience with artists.

For artists, you can upload your songs to OurStage and let others hear them, participate on competitions you want to enter and get a chance to win bucks or be featured in music or film festivals. You can also create your own fan club, add friends, create video players, be updated with OurStage live, and check out the artist access page for artist tips and advices. Your song will be definitely popular in no time, and that’s only on OurStage – Discover New Music.

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