Wisdom Pan

by ritz ~ December 6th, 2009. Filed under: Services. is a newly launched company that provides complete advisory platform through the internet. It enable individuals to share and at the same time earn money through their knowledge for those who need them the most. For people seeking advices, Wisdom Pan can provide you experts in any field whether in stocks, fashion modeling, finance, public speaking or just about anything else, Wisdom Pan will surely haveĀ  experts that can give you the perfect advice.

It is really an easy interface to use, here’s how it goes. Advisors of all fields are welcome to post on the site. It is free to join and they will only take a very small transaction when the advisor get paid. You can also setup various pricing strategies, charge by consultation, charge by subscription with trial prices. They also have meeting platforms provided for you to easily communicate with your subscribers.

For subscribers, Wisdom Pan has provided user friendly interface that you can easily subscribe and cancel subscription with few clicks. They also have unlimited archiving of past advices to track them easily. So if you want to join on this site please feel free to visit for more details and features.

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