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Someone Help!

I bought my knitting stuff yesterday and tried to do it but damn it is so hard! I already watched couple of videos about knitting but still I find it hard. I just don’t get the knitting part. The casting on is easy but the knitting thing is just so hard for me! I need [...]

Outdoor and Garden Tools

Do you love doing outdoor activities like gardening, mowing, grilling, trimming and all outdoor stuff? Well, if you ask me I love doing it but unfortunately I got no tools. Yeah, I have no tool and equipments for these activities.
I was searching where I can buy these tools and I found Outdoor and Garden Products [...]

First Time Home Buyer Tax Credit

A lot of people today have been homeless, some are renters and haven’t got a taste of owning a home. It is a sad reality, and sad to know that the important need is not met, the need for shelter. That is why the federal income tax credit for home buyers has been extended and [...]


I don’t know what has gotten in my mind. Suddenly, I want to knit and create different forms and give them to my friends. Isn’t it nice than to buy things outside? Hmmm… I am planning to buy materials next month. ^^ By April I’ll be making one and sure I will post some of [...]

Amusement Rides

Looking for a place to spend time with your friends and family? Looking for fun and enjoyment? Then NJ Amusement Rides is what you are looking for. Talking about amusement rides, here are the list of rides:
Anchors away
Balloon Race / Samba Balloon
Dark rides
Drop towers
Ferris wheels or Big wheels
House of mirrors
Launched FreeFall
Log ride
Looping Starship / Space Shuttle
Motion platforms
Observation towers
Gyro Towers
Pirate [...]

Have fun playing Casino games?

Whenever I hear casino games, I remember the day when my mom and I played one bingo game and we won a thousand pesos. It was fun, ya know. Marking the numbers with a color- marker and the thrill raised when you got only one number that’s not mention yet. I really enjoyed my one [...]

What is life without Internet?

Have you ever asked yourself how life would be without internet? I know there are some people who can live without internet but how to those who grew up living an online world, like me? Oh, I cant imagine life without internet… no more facebook, youtube, google and blogging! Well, I have already experience days [...]

Best Online Eyeglasse Store: Zenni Optical

Starting to have a blurry vision? Looking for a correction eyeglasses or just eyeframes for your eyeglasses? Are you having a hard time looking? Do you want to buy one? How about “on trend” eyeglasses? Yes? Then, if you are interested to buy new eyeglasses I suggest you check They sell cheap and fashionable [...]

Truck Rental vs U-Pack

When one family moves to another place, they usually call  truck rentals to move their things. Well, renting a truck  is okay if you will move just across the town but when you move long distances, truck renting is no longer a wise thing to do… let U-pack do the job.
In truck rentals, you do [...]


… gives comfort to my soul. Yes, it makes me feel that I am safe… feels like a baby that is being protected from harm. I don’t know but I love being hugged. ^^ Well, maybe because my mom and dad are not fan of hugging me… ^^ but it’s okay… I have my lovely [...]