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Father Sacrifice his own Son

A very touching video that burst me into tears. A heart-breaking story about a father who sacrifices his own son just to save people on the train.

This video is the same what our GOD (Father) did. God sacrificed his son Jesus Christ to save Us (People on the train) but sad to say that many [...]

One sad story – MARRIAGE

I was checking my facebook a while ago and happen to read one of my friends post. It was a sad story. Here how the story goes:

When I got home that night as my wife served dinner, I held her hand and said, I’ve got something to tell you. She sat down and ate quietly. [...]

Extraordinary Measures

I’ve watched another movie with my bf and it was good. The title of the movie was Extraordinary Measures. The movie was about a concern father (Brendan Fraser)  looking for a drug to cure his Pompe children unfortunately, there was no current drug to treat Pompe Disease.
As a father you couldn’t just watch your 2 [...]

I’ve got a…

… printed T-shirt (Bohol), a box of peanut kisses and a 200 g Toblerone chocolate! Yey! My best friend gave it to me… she went home to Bohol and came back   with these stuffs.  Oooh… love of a bestfriend. Can’t wait to eat my Toblerone… Hmmm… want some? It’s my pleasure to share it with [...]

Ladies vs. Butlers

I’ve been hooked up with this anime Ladies vs. Butlers.  I am currently on the 4th episode and it’s funny. There are a lot of sexy girls in this series and only 5 boys. Hahaha… The series has a little rated X. Not advisable for kids.
Anyway, the anime series is about this “high class private [...]

New layout, new Entrecard.

I changed my pink layout to this cool woo themes with the help of my brother Sai. Actually, it’s free. ^^ I asked sai to edit the header and make a new Entrecard avatar ^^. 
It’s cute, isn’t it? That chibi is Rukia from Bleach anime. She’s cute, right? I love my new layout and new [...]

Collecting Silver Coins

Many people across the country and the world have different hobbies that include watching sports, reading, collecting stamps and even collecting coins. Coin collecting has become one of the most popular hobbies across the globe because of their value and their unique design from country to country. One of the most popular coins to collect [...]