… a girl's dream

by ritz on April 12, 2010

… wearing white dress with your engagement rings , walking in the aisle with the one you love is the dream of every girl… a dream that should be cherished and remembered: WEDDING.

I always dream of this moment to happen in my life with the man I truly love…walking on the red carpet with your most beautiful wedding gown and your man wearing his black tuxedo deeply staring at you. Longing to say those words ” I do”.

I know marriage is not shallow as that but it’s not a crime to think of happy thoughts of getting married, right? This moment happens once in a lifetime and should be a happy moment to keep forever.

^^ I am not in a hurry to get married but It’s my dream to get married. Hope you understand what I mean. ^^ I don’t want to grow old single … without kids… that would be so awful.  A woman should have kids and husband to take care of.


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