Levitra Not Available for Sex Offenders

Levitra is one of the most popular impotence drugs on the market these days and continues to grow in popularity as more and more men are dealing with erectile dysfunction problems. Not many people in the United States are fond of the health care reform bill signed by President Barack Obama but the majority of citizens will be pleased with one of the requirements of the bill. The new requirement is that sex offenders might be blocked from receiving impotence medication such as Levitra. Senator Coburn added this amendment to the bill to protect the victims of previous sex assaults and possible future victims of sex assaults.

The amendment does not allow private health insurance companies to prescribe or fill prescriptions for such drugs as Levitra to any client who has been convicted in a court of law of rape, child molestation, or any other sexual offense. Prior to the signing of the new health care bill, sex offenders were able to get their hands on impotence drugs such as Levitra without any problem because insurance companies were required by law to fill prescriptions even if the person asking for the drug was a sex offender. Many United States residents were outraged over the past handful of years knowing that sex offenders were able to acquire impotence drugs such as Levitra and then offend again.

Sex offenders would still be able to grab Levitra and other impotence drugs on the street from drug dealers and on the Internet. The drugs on the Internet would be cheap knock offs though. This amendment to the health care bill did not make it through because a new vote would have been required and some politicians did not want the overall bill to be stalled in a vote for one amendment. This might be revisited again in the near future though.

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