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Direct TV Channels for You to Choose

Direct TV channels give subscribers the opportunity to select from a large number of sports, educational, news, movie, and special interest programming. Direct TV also boasts a whopping 130 HD channels that can give you the most thrilling television experience possible. After you have learned about the different Direct TV Channels available to you, you [...]

Clear WiMAX Internet

Clear Internet mobile technology is a 4G WiMAX Internet which keeps you online at all times, so you’re never out of touch or out of reach. If you have a computer, you can use Clear’s incredibly fast Internet service to surf, play, chat, or network any time.
Through Clear Internet WiMAX plans, you can receive home [...]

Wordpress vs. Blogger

I have two blogs, one is using Wordpress platform and the other using FREE blogger platform from I have compared the two platform and for me WORDPRESS is way better than BLOGGER.COM. Why?
Here are my reasons:
1. Wordpress themes are excellent. You can do a lot of designs, twists in wordpress but in blogger its [...]

Free domain and hosting Contest @

Attention to all Bloggers! I have a contest @ my other blog :! You can have a chance to win domain and hosting for 1 year! Yes, that means… you can now have a blog on your preferred domain address e.g and be using WORDPRESS PLATFORM! Uh-huh WORDPRESS is way cool just like [...]