Change Your Life With Drug Abuse Treatment Centers

Drug abuse treatment centers can be the solution you need if you have an addiction you can’t break on your own. Through specific programs and a detoxification process, you can overcome the addiction and the temptation to relapse in the future. Even if you’ve tried drug rehab before and had limited success, there are new methods and techniques that may work better for you. Instead of letting past failures stop you from trying to quit drugs again, find a different program.

St. Gregory Retreat Center offers an alternative program to the traditional 12-step drug rehab systems offered by many other drug abuse treatment centers. Its nationally accredited Life Process Model replaces traditional programs with an 8-week treatment program integrating cognitive learning with exercises that teach life skills, behavioral modification and health wellness. With the success of this program, you can stay clean without having to attend monthly rehab meetings after you end treatment. That means you can spend your time doing the things you want to do.

To help you achieve a goal of lifetime sobriety, drug abuse treatment may take an approach that views a drug addiction as a choice and not a disease. Centers with this belief may offer daily seminars, community service, and activities designed to help you find satisfaction in life without the need to use drugs. As part of the detox process, a rehab center may focus on nutrition and provide you with recommended vitamins and supplements to restore your body’s natural balance. For many individuals, it can take longer than 8 weeks to restore balance, so some centers extend their wellness service beyond the initial program. By changing how you think and by restoring health to your body, you can leave rehab with the skills you need to live life without abusing substances.

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