Roberto Coin has Remained Synonymous with Extravagance for Over Thirty Years

Roberto Coin stands for Italian quality and elegance around the world. Roberto Coin as the artist and innovator initially began creating gold jewelry bands to worldwide acclaim. Over time, he transitioned from gold bands of stunning craftsmanship to a wide range of pieces including, but not limited to, rings, bangles, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Each piece has a majesty and essence all its own.

The ruby stands as the signature of Roberto Coin. Numerous cultures throughout the world have held that the ruby contained unique mystical powers ranging from a long and happy life to increased fertility. Roberto Coin works to incorporate the ruby into all of his pieces, not necessarily as an ostentatious design choice, but quite frequently hidden within the piece itself. Many of the ruby myths claim the stone only grants its power when it remains in direct contact with the skin. Roberto Coin remains famous for his ingenious placement of a ruby so that even the most delicate of pieces may include a ruby without disrupting its design. Yet, one can authenticate any Robert Coin piece by the red brilliance burning like a distant sun, which appears when one removes the piece.

The other aspect of Roberto Coin’s work lies in its often striking simplicity. For every bejeweled pendant, he offers pure gold earrings or bracelets, which are startling in their straightforward elegance. Few can compete with this level of artistry. Roberto Coin will surely satisfy whether one selects the yellow gold dangle earrings or the circle of life diamond earrings. Every piece is created with what Roberto Coin calls “Joie de vivre” which is a celebration of life. One can see this celebration of existence in every piece created and any of which would perfectly serve to commemorate one’s life celebration from a birthday, proposal, wedding or anniversary.

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