WordPress vs. Blogger

by ritz on May 2, 2010

I have two blogs, one is using WordPress platform and the other using FREE blogger platform from Blogger.com. I have compared the two platform and for me WORDPRESS is way better than BLOGGER.COM. Why?

Here are my reasons:

1. WordPress themes are excellent. You can do a lot of designs, twists in wordpress but in blogger its just barely HTML coding… little customization.

2. WordPress got hundreds PLUGINS that can improve wordpress functionality. You can upload it easily and enjoy the features e.g. Contacts, Daily Visitor Counter, Akismet – Anti Spam, Yahoo Online, and whole lot more! Too many to mention!

3. Using wordpress platform (self hosted) shows your professionalism in blogging. Advertisers choose mostly bloggers who are  self-hosted not just merely Free hosting.

4. You have full control of you blog. You have your own CPANEL and do whatever you want.

5. WordPress platform looks neat and clean unlike Blogger. ^^ (Peace! I don’t hate blogger.com)

Anyway, I really don’t hate Blogger. In fact, I have one blog hosted on their free hosting… Blogger is OK but if you want to be more professional in blogging, then you  use WORDPRESS.

I love WordPress than Blogger.

How about you? Which side are in?


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