Let me first introduce myself. My name is Ritzchelle, a graduate of bachelor of Science in Nursing and a not so good  when it comes to writing (you may see many  grammatical errors in my writings… I apologize for that) . I am currently hunting for job ^^. I’m from  Philippines. This blog of mine ritzchelle.com is powered by wordpress supported by privatehoster. I am greatly thankful with these two org. because they’ve let me have my own blog.

My brother introduced to me the world of blogging. He even made me asubdomain for me to start  blogging. Hmm.. this brother of mine encouraged me to blog because in blogging I can earn money. .. Well, I was amazed by this information, so I didn’t hesitate to blog. I registered my old blog to paid-to-post program and yes indeed, I earn some money. Just a little dollar to buy some extra things needed. I continue blogging and met few friends here in the internet. They are nice and kind. They leave comments and suggestion that gives my face a smile. But that smile didn’t last long when my Dad suffered from stroke. My Life has changed totally, my dad can no longer go to work…and this is a big loss to us since my Dad is the one whose earning big to pay the tuition fee for  my brother and me.

Because of the incident, this prompted me to pay my own tuition and of course with the help of the money I ‘m earned from  blogging. But I know this is not permanent and also my blog has zero PR  2, so that means, less more opportunities . Right now, I am hoping that this blog ritzchelle.com will have a PR in the next update of google so that I can pay my tuition fee. ^^

Now, I give all my worries and burdens to the God above for I know He will give me rest…

Contact me at ritz_saikano18(at)yahoo(dot)com

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