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Playing At Ruby Bingo

24. September 2009

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If you have been playing your bingo games online, try Ruby Bingo now. As we all know, Ruby Bingos facelift has been here for awhile already. Relaunched by William Hill, both Playtech and William Hill are now partners in gaming expertise. With that, there’s no question of the reliability of Ruby Bingo for you.  A [...]

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Crystal Singing Bowls

23. June 2009


Ever wondered what are these Crystal Singing Bowls? Well, i glanced upon this while i was surfing on the net. I came across this one and some other related products that are related to Tibet and Nepal. As we know that these two countries are nearly “the roof of the world”, why can’t they be? [...]

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28. September 2008


Every year our city celebrates the victory of St. Michael against satan (this is according to catholic believers). This celebration has been part of the people living in Iligan City. Usually they will have a “street dancing” were some of the  contestant from other places will join and dance in the street with the heat [...]

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