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Meet people from Ohio

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Do you want to meet many people as you can? How about people from Ohio? Oh, yeah. Ohio is a great and beautiful place. And of course, people too. So, if you want to meet people from Ohio, why not join the¬†ohio chat rooms? It’s a best place to meet Ohio people. Good luck!

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Richter Studios

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Have you ever been praised for a very great presentation? Or, have you ever seen a very great corporate video presentation that makes you drop your jaw to the floor because you are in awe of it?

Great jaw-dropping presentations takes a lot of time and effort to make. My goodness! It makes me crazy to just even think of the concepts on how to present a certain presentation. A lot of time too, especially when I start a presentation right from the scratch. Imagine how you would feel starting from zero.

Worry no more of that! There is a trusted name for such presentations!

If you are searching for a corporate video production services for a corporate training, a trade show, for recruitment, marketing, sales, tv or promotional videos. Or even documenting processes and procedures. Or, if you ever need of actors, lightings or studio time.

And if your presentations need extra touches. Ranging from custom presentations for multi-million dollar bids, to enterprise-based presentation delivery. Or need of some interactive help.

Then, Richter Studios is the solution to that! A trusted name for corporate video productions. To date, they have helped their clients win an astonishing One Billion Dollars in new sales. And, they have even created their own presentation based software for clients who really want to stand out!

I know you really want to stand out!

So, go now to the award winning team that can make your corporate video production an attention-grabbing, jaw-dropping masterpiece!

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CWT CCNA Boot Camp

Tuesday, June 23rd, 2009

CWT? CCNA? CWT CCNA Boot Camp? What are those things? A boot camp for soldier’s training?

Nah, CCNA Boot Camp is a boot camp for those IT people, IT for Information Technology. This boot camp not only teaches you the introduction to wireless networking concepts and terminologies, the basic mitigation of security threats, and performance-based skills in this technology. It has added new topics in its curriculum as well especially the use of some known protocols in IT.

You would love to be part of this CCNA boot camp because you have a wonderful venue with great facilities for you to enjoy learning. You might as well add up that you can have hands-on training so you can practice what you are learning, and you will also be provided with great onsite testing location or even have it online. Oh, and did i say you have a lot of class schedules too?

The price for the CCNA Boot Camp includes your airfare, hotel stay for the duration of the course, your food of course, and the necessary learning materials needed such as textbooks and softwares.

So individuals or companies out there who are looking for a great boot camp for IT, and great chance to get enhanced?¬† Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of the CCNA Boot Camp.

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Want Rest This Holidays In July?

Wednesday, June 17th, 2009

Oh my! Instead of resting, there you are, turning your head upside-down! Is that what you envisioned to do on the Holidays in July? Turning the holidays into a mind-boggling game of “where-to-go” and “what-to-do” things. Isn’t it resting time already?

Well, going into holidays seems really tasking. Gee, from planning where to go, and planning for a budget friendly trip, it has such a domino effect on planning things on the holidays. After thinking where, you plan for the “how-you-get-there”. Afterwards, “how much does this cost me?” Then, after asking that… “what are the clothes suited to this destination?” And there are such a lot of stuffs to think of.

Gee… there is really a lot of stuff to think about eh? Isn’t that, tiring already? You haven’t got into your holidays, yet,¬† you are already exhausted on this planning stage already. Planning your holidays well could be tiresome and rewarding all the time. And planning is the head-banger stage on how you spend your holidays. A critical stage that is. But if you do it right, you surely enjoy the holiday season.

You search for your destination, inquire and look for some pertinent information on the place. I know there are some things you need to consider. But planning your holiday is the biggest part of it.

I do hope you could really have a good time in your Holidays in July. Take care of yourselves too.

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Financial Freedom Awaits

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Yes! You read it right. Financial freedom awaits you.

In this world were we have to spend for anything, we got to check our spending behaviors, time and time again.  Of course, we are free to spend our money to anything, but not everything is beneficial to our budget, right?

Overspending what we have could lead us to somewhere, right? But usually, it is so bad. So bad that we might end up with nothing. Nothing to spend because we overused the money we had. So if we have nothing to spend, how could we ever survive now? So, what is it now? Staring at a blank? Thinking, what could have been and could have nots?

Of course, they say, “when you are down, there is nothing else to go but up.”¬† But how?

Well, bankruptcies are all over us already, we might not know it but maybe our neighbors and friends are bankrupt already. It is not that easy to say that we are bankrupt. Or let’s just ask, how does bankruptcy work? Well, there are a lot of steps that we could go through to it. A lot that it is a hassle.¬† So, why not come to us? Yes, we will help you with that financial problem of yours. We can give you advices and insights in order for you to get rid of having it.

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Yes, We Can Eliminate Debt!

Saturday, April 25th, 2009

Oh yes! Oh, wait! What is that again? Eliminate debt?

You might wonder, how on Earth would you do that, right? Yeah, at first, i also wondered that too. How will i do it?
Well, i might know a few steps on how to do it. But i wonder if it is enough already to pay it off.

But, well, look at our present situation now. Recessions everywhere. Belt-tightening here and there. Inflation rises, unemployment rises, lay-offs rises. A lot of uncertainties are brewing around us.

You might even wonder, “Am i secured on my job right now?” “How will i ever pay my debts in this present situation?”

Alright, before you panic, you can make it. Setting some goals on what to do and have some debt consolidating too. But, there are other ways that you can do too. Like investing it. Whoa?! Investing while having that debt?

Yes, you can. How is making money from stocks make a sound to you? Yup. Little did we know that the stock market also makes a difference for our invested money. It might sound scary but if you know the stock market basics, you can really pull it out. It also gives a big return of the investment. Another one is, have some tax strategies. Yes, just like the stock market basics, you can also the tax basics. Know some ways wherein you can lessen in paying your taxes. That way, you can save that money and set it aside for other use.

Don’t ever think that eliminating debt is impossible, it is possible!

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Junel E. Parbo

Friday, January 16th, 2009

First day of school [1st semester of 2008]… I saw a guy who looks very familiar to me. I just don’t know where and when I saw this person. All I know is I’ve seen him somewhere.

He’s name is Junel E. Parbo, a person whom everyone admires especially the girls. It’s not a mystery why many girls like him. He is¬† kind , neat and¬† cute person. Hmm… I don’t know much about this person… and I don’t want to dig dipper unless I am forced to.

Anyway, as time passed by… I realized that this person was the one I seldom see at my waiting spot…I mean during my sophomore years, I know he happened to pass by me while¬† I was waiting for a jeepney. Yes, I totally remember it.

Well, I don’t know why I’m writing this kind of stuff but all I know is I love to write about those person whom I love to write [silly].

There are more things I wanted to talk about but I prefer to keep it.

I would like to disclose that I only admire this person. Nothing more, nothing less.

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