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Christmas presents!

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2009

Ho!Ho!Ho! Merry Christmas! Three more months and it’s Christmas time. Whenever it’s September, Christmas trees and Christmas lights are flooding in the malls already. Yes, as early as September people are waiting for the Christmas season. Oh,  can’t wait to hear some Christmas Carols. Children will be singing outside the house and they will come back again, again and again. ^^

What’s good about Christmas is exchanging gifts with your friends and family. Giving presents to our love ones, giving toys to our nieces and nephews, perfume and flowers to our moms and girl friends and aftershave to our dads and boy friends. What else could we give to our special ones? Oh, keeps me thinking hard. I’m quite excited this Christmas not just because of presents I will receive but because it is also my birthday. Yeah, when it’s Christmas time, it is also my Birthday and only one celebration for my birthday and Christmas. That’s the main reason why I always have a party at home. ^^ Nice isn’t? Some people envy my birthday because I always got foods on the table. You know what I mean.

Anyway, I know when it’s Christmas you are confused what to give. Am I right? If you are confuse why not go to and search for the possible items to give for this Christmas or you can choose from their categories. You can compare the possible cheapest price if you are on budget. If you have any suggestion where to buy christmas presents, please do share it to us. We would (I and readers) would love to hear something new.

So, be a blessing this Christmas and give love to others… not just on Christmas but in every day of our lives. Advance Happy Christmas to all! I hope you will have a good Christmas this December.

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