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Do not Listen to this Music!

You might be wondering why the title of this post is “Do not listen to this”. Well, its some kind of a reverse psychology. Anyway, I just want to catch your attention. Please do listen to this. I know its a bit different from my previous posts but hope you have time to listen to this [...]

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Pachelbel Canon in Guitar!

Totally awesome guy, playing pachelbel in guitar. It rocks! I remember pachelbel canon in the movie “Sassy Girl”. It was played while the actor was visiting her girlfriend at their school. Well, witness this cool play!

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Moon River

Moon River is such a nice piece, my dad really likes listening to it. He wants me to play that to him but unfortunately I don’t how to  play the piano. I tried to play once but I got the first two lines only and then gave up.
I told my dad that it’s not my passion. Thankfully, he [...]

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