Clear WiMAX Internet

by ritz on May 5, 2010

Clear Internet mobile technology is a 4G WiMAX Internet which keeps you online at all times, so you’re never out of touch or out of reach. If you have a computer, you can use Clear’s incredibly fast Internet service to surf, play, chat, or network any time.

Through Clear Internet WiMAX plans, you can receive home phone services, home-based Internet plans, and mobile online services. The home phone services use VoIP (voice over Internet protocol) to connect you to anyone around the world by voice.

Clear’s 4G mobile Internet service is incredibly fast and connected 24/7, so there should be no time when you can’t get online at will. Video chat is available any time, so you can see who you’re speaking to whether you’re sitting at home or running on a shaded path in the local park. The secure network protects you from identity theft and other Internet dangers. With Clear Internet, you’ll have no installation or appointment hassles. If you have a question for Clear, a representative will contact you online within 24 hours.

Internet plans through Clear start at only $30 per month, a highly affordable price for extremely quick Internet service. Movies, downloads, and video streams are incredibly fast on the 4G network, which is about four times faster than 3G Internet. Unlimited long distance services are included with Clear plans.

Visit the Clear website online to see if your city is covered by their extensive 4G network. New cities are being added to the network all the time, so if you’re currently out of the loop it’s probably just a matter of time before Clear Internet reaches your town. DigitalTrends, Consumersearch, and the Las Vegas Review-Journal have all given Clear’s 4G services positive reviews. Take your online experiences on the go, and keep yourself connected at all times with Clear Internet because you should never be out of the loop or out of touch.


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