Don’t Be Mad At My Green Thumb

by ritz on June 3, 2013

Hydro2I’ve always had a green thumb. Sometimes I think it may be too green, mostly because others have said that to me. I don’t think there’s any such thing as too green, but I do admit that I love my plants more than any humans that interact with on a daily or weekly basis. Some call it unhealthy, but I think those people don’t understand what it is to have a green thumb, and to really care about nurturing your plants and your garden. My garden happens to be indoors – I made the switch when I found some great grow boxes and I learned that they have these fantastic air purification systems with an inline fan that makes the growing process so much simpler. Now, it’s not just the lights and the nutrient rich soil or the grow tents and all the vents and filters and lighting schedules. Those all help, but the real trick is to play them some gram parsons and Emmylou harris. Those harmonies make the plants dance and thrive more fully than ever before. You might think june and Johnny cash could do the same thing but no. Nor does Linda and paul. The only ones that come close are Gillian welch and david rawlings, but nothing beats gram and Emmylou. I’ve even done some experiments, where I put sound proofing around the plants, and those that are in the protective sound coating do not grow as well. Perhaps it has something to do with that blocking out the light, but I think it’s the music. Anyway, you can get the music online or at the record store, for the grow lights and grow tents, you can go to They should start selling gram parsons albums, though. Although I suppose they shouldn’t because that would probably make them go out of business, which would be a shame, as their products are what helps my plants get the opportunity to hear the great music.


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