Roberto Coin has Remained Synonymous with Extravagance for Over Thirty Years

5/19/2010 Jewelries

Roberto Coin stands for Italian quality and elegance around the world. Roberto Coin as the artist and innovator initially began creating gold jewelry bands to worldwide acclaim. Over time, he transitioned from gold bands of stunning craftsmanship to a wide range of pieces including, but not limited to, rings, bangles, pendants, bracelets and earrings. Each piece has a majesty and essence all its own. The ruby stands as the signature ...

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I’ve switched to Kind Hoster

5/11/2010 Blogging

Ritzchelle.com was down last night, I change my previous host to kind hoster that’s why this website was down. It took 2 hours to propagate and  couldn’t wait for 2 hours so I fell sleep… I was already too sleepy. Anyway, all of my widgets are back and all those links are safe. ^^ You can find ritzchelle.com same as before. So, don’t worry about it. No change on my ...

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Tiger Woods Boosts Vegas Sportsbook

5/6/2010 Sports

Most people who love sports follow the statistics in some form or another. It does not matter if it is football or basketball, college or professional. Every sport, on every level, has a huge following, so it is no surprise that sports fans try their luck betting on games and competitions in a sportsbook. Even the game of golf has some sportsbook action. When Tiger Woods returned to the game ...

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Protect Your Assets With a Home Security System

5/6/2010 Services

When it comes to home security systems, you have a number of options from which to choose. You can find systems you install on your own and that come with just the equipment. Or you might prefer to use a system with a monitoring service. You also have several options for the equipment that comes with the system. With so many different things to consider, price is only one variable ...

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Hachiko: A Dog's Story

5/6/2010 Movies

Hachiko based on a Japanese true story: A  professor found a lost dog  and adopted  it. The dog was named “Hachiko”, a faithful fo who always sat at the local train station, waiting for His master to come home from work. The dog kept on waiting even after the death of the professor, and when Hachiko  passed away, a bronze statue of him was erected at that train station.

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Direct TV Channels for You to Choose

5/5/2010 Cool Ways to Try

Direct TV channels give subscribers the opportunity to select from a large number of sports, educational, news, movie, and special interest programming. Direct TV also boasts a whopping 130 HD channels that can give you the most thrilling television experience possible. After you have learned about the different Direct TV Channels available to you, you can make an educated decision about whether you would like to subscribe. Direct TV Channels ...

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