2009 BMW M5

by ritz ~ December 2nd, 2009

Every body wants to have a good car. What I mean about ‘good’ car is not just the designed outside but also what is inside the car and composes it.  This bmw M5 2009 is way too fascinating even though other say that 2009 BMW is just the same with other 2009 BMW series. Some says that BMW M5 has a unique front face to distinguish it from other 5  BMW Series. Some changes were identified by Kelly Book. The changes are ”power window switches relocated to the armrests” and the “leather-wrapped center console and passenger door handles.

The performance is also good. The breaks according to Kelly Book feels as if you  are hooked an aircraft carrier arresting cable. In addition, the quality is high and safety is present. Talking about comfort, BMW M5 has it all!  Sitting inside the car is far comfortable than others. Although changes are not that noticeable, 2009 BMW M5 is not totally the same with other series.

If you are curious what’s inside on the BMW M5, here’s some pictures provided by

Here are more pictures of  BMW M5: rated 2009 BMW 8.5/10.  The style, performance, quality, safety, features are acceptable and approved. Take time and know more about bmw!



This is one funny commercial

by ritz ~ November 30th, 2009

Take time to watch this funny video. So cool! Indian culture is way too unique. I don’t if this is what they really do when their spouse die. Need facts here! Leave a comment!


Where is fidelity?

by ritz ~ November 30th, 2009

Where is  fidelity if one’s partner commit adultery? or should I say fidelity is no longer important in ones relationship?

I have witness unfaithfulness within my family.  From the beginning, when I was just in my mother’s womb, my Dad was unfaithful to my mom until I grew up and become a lady… still my Dad remained unfaithful.  Because of faithfulness, I have witness how a father treat a mother without love… how a father act and say without love to his spouse.

I pity my mother during those times and I was also confused why my mom still stick with my Dad who was so unfaithful. If you are in my mother’s situation? Would you do the same thing? Live in your partner’s house for the sake of your children even though your spouse doesn’t love you anymore? Can you stand on a situation like that? If you asked me, I would never! I don’t want to live in the safe roof to a partner who lost fidelity.  Never will I. How about you?


The Rebirth of

by ritz ~ November 29th, 2009 suffered a lot of problems. A couple of weeks was down because it was hacked by unknown hacker. It cost a lot of problem to me. Some of my readers left because it was blocked by google. If you are a constant visitor of mine, you must have seen the warning page saying ” This site contains malware and  visiting this site may harm your computer”. Not only I lost some readers but all my reviews were rejected because the advertiser could not access the page and some complains that my site has virus.  I lost couple of $$$ also. Those were the problems I encountered.

Anyway, from the day was warned by google. I reported it to my hosting service and they respond quickly I tried to fix my website. At first, I thought it was fixed already but I was wrong because it still got a malware. A week after, google warn me again that still contains malware and for the second time it was block. I reported again to my hosting provider… the second time around was reinstalled… deleting all the themes, plugins and etc. but thankful that the contents are still there because if not? I will totally abandon this blog. Well, privatehoster has solved my problem this time. Hoping that no more malware and  warning from google.

So, is back again. Ready to write and hop to your site. ^^ has been reborn! Stay tune!


Oh, what a relief!

by ritz ~ November 29th, 2009

My web hosting provider just emailed me today that the cause of the virus in is not from our PC but the hacker accessed my FTP and put malware on it. This is a good news because it means I can upload a new template! Yahoo! My site will not look so dead and dry now! Just stay tune and anytime by now you can see my new template. Thank, goodness! :D



by ritz ~ November 29th, 2009

Look at my people. It is totally dead. What I mean is it looks dead without a good theme.  Because of this I lost my desire to write here unlike before.  Well, I could not upload a theme on this site because I am afraid that it will have a malware from my PC again. I asked my web hosting provider to upload one but I guess this is too much already. Uploading a theme is easy, I know how but because of this poor PC of mine… I could not upload one. Maybe, sooner when my PC is okay I can upload one unless my web hosting will upload my desired theme. Okay,  that’s all for now.


Quit Smoking

by ritz ~ November 26th, 2009

…Smoke here, smoke there, smoke everywhere. Our government could not stop the trading of cigarettes because this helps the economy of  our Country.  Cigarette companies has big taxes, I mean huge taxes that helps the economy go up. Haven’t you notice that the government could not stop this but only warn the people that “Cigarette Smoking is dangerous to our health”. But people only ignore the warning. They listen and let it pass away like a wind.

People took advantage of this cigarette (some are addicted to it) because of the nicotine eh? Did you know that it will bring you to your coffin earlier than you expected? Smoking creates a big damage to your vital organs especially the lungs and also to the veins. The longer you smoke, slowly your lungs will lose his normal function and the blood vessel thickens that causes high blood pressure.

Yes, can causes high blood pressure and contributes to brain attack. Just like what happened to my Dad who was a smoker for 15 years suffered from brain attack (stroke) last year. His smoking habit plus his high cholesterol are the main cause why he had a brain attack.

I am not kidding here! Even though I am just 20-year old Nurse… what I’m saying  is so true that smoking destroys you… your HEALTH, and everything! I know it is difficult to stop smoking because this is already part of your life but this is not good. This has to stop slowly… Stop smoking! quit smoking before it’s too late.

If you don’t know how start stop smoking, visit this site This site contains important information and ways on how to stop smoking.