Update02: Ezegamer.com hacked!

December 2nd, 2008

After all the replies of the web.com.ph, my brother did not trust the hosting anymore. Ezegamer is now hosted in blogger.com. Yes, fully hosted by blogger.com. Goodbye to wordpress for ezegamer.com. Huhuhuhu but at least ezegamer is back on track now. He was able to subscribe his own blog so… he will be posting all [...]

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Update: Ezegamer.com hacked!

December 1st, 2008

After my brother knew that his site was hacked, he immediately sent a ticket to his hosting provider WEB.COM.PH and the reply was this:

Hi Client,
We have received numerous reports from clients that their site was hacked. This is to let you know that all our servers are well secured from such attack. The reason why [...]

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My brother’s blog Ezegamer.com was HACKED by a Genius Iraqi

December 1st, 2008

First, ezekun.com (my brother’s website)  was hacked by a Turkish hacker but thankfully, the hacker did not totally distorted his blog. The hacker just changed the title and the blog description. My brother managed to return his blog as it was before. But his blog Ezegamer.com was totally hacked by a genius hacker from Iraqi [...]

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