Ten Years of Growing and Counting

by ritz on February 23, 2013

accesshydro3I got my first grow tent back about ten years ago, and the technology sure has improved. Now they have these grow tent kits which really help the novice indoor grower in getting all the materials you need for indoor growing all at once. I’m not some sort of bitter old man saying how kids these days have it easy and back in my day growing was more of an art form, as you had to make do with a lot of homemade materials, and use your own creativity and ingenuity. Granted, that last sentence may make it sound like I am saying that. But no, I think it’s great what technology has done for us. I’m a big fan of http://www.accesshydroponic.com and all the things you can get there. Frankly, some of the homemade materials, while pretty dang brilliant, do not work nearly as well as these newfangled ones. And the bottom line is when you’re growing food, or whatever you’re growing, indoors, you really are more about the product and not the process. Having a plump tomato is more fun than having a wimpy one. So I refer all novices and even pro growers to that site to get all the things they want. I’ve been growing for ten years and my yield is better now than ever before. So there’s a good sense of accomplishment in that. Making dinner from food you grew in your basement sure feels good, and it’s great to brag about to friends at dinner parties. Of course all my friends know the drill now and won’t even come over to my house anymore because all I talk about is how great I am for growing inside. However, it is true, I am pretty great for doing that! There’s no denying!


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