Tiger Woods Boosts Vegas Sportsbook

by ritz on May 6, 2010

Most people who love sports follow the statistics in some form or another. It does not matter if it is football or basketball, college or professional. Every sport, on every level, has a huge following, so it is no surprise that sports fans try their luck betting on games and competitions in a sportsbook. Even the game of golf has some sportsbook action.

When Tiger Woods returned to the game of golf in 2010 after he had been taking a break when news of his love affair hit the media, the Las Vegas sportsbook became very popular, very quickly. The Vegas sportsbook director stated that the sportsbook had more action than it had seen in quite some time. Many golf fans were betting that Tiger Woods would be just as successful as he had been in the past, while others were betting that his leave would affect his golf swing. The Vegas sportsbook took advantage of the Tiger Wood’s situation and offered live betting throughout the tournament. There was even a section dedicated to just Tiger.

Golf sportsbooks have never gotten as much action as NCAA basketball sportsbooks or Super Bowl sportsbooks, but the Master’s tournament in 2010 did see a 30 percent increase above what they usually see, mostly credited towards Tiger Woods. Phil Mickelson was also one of the favorites in the Vegas sportsbook.

It is not legal to participate in sportsbooks in all states, but Nevada is known for its gambling, so if you want to bet in a sportsbook, they are a good place to start. Golf is becoming more popular of a sport to bet on, so if you know a lot about the game and the current players, you could make some money by betting correctly.


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