Where can you find good scrub suit?

by ritz on January 5, 2011

“Wearing good scrub suite makes you look neat”

I am a  Hemodialysis Nurse in our local hospital. I enjoy my work as a dialysis nurse but one thing I don’t like in the unit is our scruib suit. As you can see on the photo, our scrub suit is color dark green or green-gray-blue. I don’t  know the exact color of that scrub suit. One thing I know is I hate it. The color, the design… I just don’t like it.

I hope that someday it will be change to something lighter or color that is neat and cool to the eyes like this Cotton Nursing Scrubs. I just wonder why they choose this color. It’s not attractive at all… no pockets, nothing to put on.

Next time if we will change our scrub suit uniform I will suggest to buy nursing scrubs that have many pockets and a nice color scrub suit.


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